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Norcranes – Equipment

We are a young and dynamic company, based in the Trofa region. We are dedicated to the development, manufacturing, assembling and technical assistance of lifting equipment.


Our continuous investment in the acquisition of modern equipment enables us to adapt to the market requirements with excellent efficiency and quality.


Our experience and knowledge allows us to dominate the entire process, from the development of the project through to the production, logistics, assembly and after sales.


Our staff is youthful and extremely experienced.

We strive to be competitive and innovative and want our customers to feel the difference by working with us.


At NORCRANES, we believe in challenges. Our goal is to develop a solution especially crafted, to meet your lifting needs. We are committed to providing you with equipment and services that increase the value and effectiveness of your business







Our experience and knowledge allows us to master the entire process, from development and design, through production, logistics, assembly and after-sales.


Our team is characterized by its longest youthful experience.

We want to be competitive and innovative but above all we want our customers to feel that it is different to work with us.


At NORCRANES we believe in challenges. That is why we have developed the solution that suits your needs. We are committed to offering products and services that enhance the value of your business effectiveness.

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